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“Audism in Language” | The Buff and Blue

“‘Falling on Deaf Ears’: ‘Queer Eye’ Star Sparks Conversation About Ableist Idioms” | The Daily Dot

“5 Lessons the Paralympics Can Teach Us About Not Being Ableist” | Bustle

  • On identifying and avoiding inspiration porn, people-first and identity-first language, and celebrating accomplishments without infantilizing.

“A Guide to Sighted Allyhood” | Autistic Hoya

“How to Talk about Disability Issues on the Internet” | The Daily Dot

  • The need for more coverage of disability topics
  • How competing conceptualizations of disability influence language
  • The movement away from person-first terminology
  • The problem with enforcing a single style for Daily Dot writers

“Japanese Firm Rewrites Magazines and Manga for Disabled Readers” | South China Morning Post

  • “As a rule, neither double negatives nor metaphors are used in constructing the sentences and there are many line breaks. Readers can also click a play button to hear an audio version of the article being read at a slow pace.”

“Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms and Definitions” | Neurocosmopolitanism

  • Maintaining clear and consistent terminology around neurodiversity
  • The most commonly misused terms
  • Examples of correct and incorrect usage

“On Deaf Literature” | Bloomsbury Literary Studies

  • Some Deaf writers “are reclaiming the use of ‘said’ or ‘speaks’ in relation to American Sign Language and Deaf literature in print instead of using ‘she signed’ as a dialogue tag.”

“A Q&A About Autism With Steve Silberman, Author of NeuroTribes” | TED-Ed Blog

  • Why labels like high-functioning and low-functioning are demeaning

“The Significance of Semantics: Person-First Language: Why It Matters” | AutisticHoya.com

  • Autistic person vs. person with autism
  • Why some advocates oppose people-first language
  • Recognizing and validating Autistic individuals through identity-first language
  • Why this debate is important

“10 Tips for Including People With Disabilities in Your Party” | The Huffington Post

“Terminology Reveals Co-opting of Disability Activism” | The Miscellany News

“The Transcontinental Disability Choir: What Is Ableist Language and Why Should You Care?” | Bitch Media

  • Ableist and sexist assumptions in language
  • Examples of presenting disabilities as inherently bad
  • A response to accusations of being “nitpicky” about a “minor issue”
  • Why it’s not enough to go by what we personally believe is offensive or not offensive

“The Washington Post Just Illustrated the Biggest Flaw in Disability Coverage” | Poynter

“What Really Happens When You Use the R-Word” | The Huffington Post

  • Using retard and retarded as put-downs
  • How these terms disparage a population of special-needs individuals
  • Finding an alternative to hurtful words

“When Medicine Doesn’t Speak the Right Language for My Body” | Autostraddle

  • How medical language and comparisons alienate disabled people
  • The use of more neutral descriptions to avoid measuring against unrealistic ideals
  • Making the goal to help patients thrive and maximize opportunities

“Whoops, Sex Toy User Manuals Are Really Ableist” | Autostraddle

“Why Person-First Language Doesn’t Always Put the Person First” | Think Inclusive

  • How adopting person-first language (PFL) as a linguistic rule sparked a countermovement, identity-first language (IFL)
  • How nondisabled people were taught that IFL is offensive, though many people in disability community prefer it
  • How PFL makes disability seem offensive

“Why Women Aren’t Crazy” | The Good Men Project

  • Using crazy to dismiss and manipulate


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