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“Can’t Quit Saying ‘Um’ and ‘Ah’? Just Learn How to Use Them Better” | Quartz

“Not only might filler words be inevitable, it’s possible they’re actually a useful part of our linguistic evolution. In fact, they might even be beneficial, at least according to some of the science.”

“Don’t Add Your 2 Cents” | Derek Sivers

Keep your two cents if “your contribution is small and probably just a meaningless opinion… Let the other person feel full ownership of the idea, instead.”

“5 Words and Phrases That Can Transform Your Work Life” | Fast Company

“The good news…is that by swapping simple words and phrases for others we can quickly—and permanently—produce positive behavioral changes.”

“How to Justify Your Love of Being a Freelancer” | Digaboom

“I like the freedom and flexibility” and more go-to responses for friends (or strangers) who question your decision to be a freelancer.

“’I,’ ‘We’ and ‘You’” | Seth Godin

Changing attitudes by changing pronouns.

“If You Say This During an Apology, You’re Doing It Wrong” | The Huffington Post

Your word choice makes it obvious you’re #sorrynotsorry.

“It’s Finally Time to Stop Correcting People’s Grammar, Linguist Says” | The Huffington Post

“Language isn’t some delicate cultural artifact but an integral part of being human… Language—which all human societies have in immense grammatical complexity—is far more interesting than pedantry.”—Oliver Kamm, “reformed stickler” and author of “Accidence Will Happen”

“9 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Email” | Fast Company

Emails written at a third-grade reading level with simpler words and fewer words per sentence were considered optimal.

“The Simple Secret to Winning Any Argument, According to a Harvard Psychologist” | Mic

Part of conscious language is knowing when to say nothing.

“Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ If You Want to Say Thank You: A Seriously Insightful Cartoon” | Bright Side

On transforming attitude and intention.

“Three Questions to Ask Instead of Saying ‘Nice Job’” | Fast Company

“Saying ‘Great!’ doesn’t tell the person what they did or why it worked. Yet, when we criticize someone, we get very specific about what they’re doing wrong. Why not take the same approach with giving praise?”

“27 Alternatives to Asking ‘Is This Okay?’” | Asking for What You Want

“You need different, more precise questions to ask, ones that actually get at the thing you want to know.”

“The Ultimate Guide to Saying No to Things You Don’t Want to Do” | Fast Company

“Sometimes people say yes when they’re caught off guard.”

“Why I Don’t Shield My Team From Bad News” | Fast Company

On transparency as a core value.

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