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Robinson Prize winner Karen Yin gets a high five from Daniel Sosnoski after the announcement Friday night that she had won the prize. (Mark Allen photo)

Copyediting Columnist Karen Yin Receives ACES Robinson Prize | Copyediting, April 2017

Conscious Style Guide Founder Karen Yin Wins Robinson Prize | ACES: The Society for Editing, March 2017

Why We Should Examine Our Culinary Vocabulary | Lucky Peach, February 2017

The Conscious Style Guide: How to Talk About People With Inclusive and Tactful Language | The Zapier Blog, October 2016

Questions for a Writer and Editor: Karen Yin | Copyediting, September 2015

18F Style Guide Pushes Clear, Accessible Writing for Web | Federal Times, July 2015

Conscious Style Guide Highlights Inclusive Language | Copyediting, March 2015

Creating a “Conscious Style Guide” | Tracking Changes, spring 2015 | American Copy Editors Society

Press Release: Henry Fuhrmann

May 16, 2017: Conscious Style Guide Appoints Henry Fuhrmann, Former Chair of Los Angeles Times’ Standards and Practices Committee, to Advisory Council

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