“Body Positivity Is a Scam” | Racked

  • Contemporary body positivity makes it incumbent on people with nonconforming bodies to change their own self-perception without requiring anyone with any power to question what created the phenomenon in the first place.

“Changing the Terminology to ‘People With Obesity’ Won’t Reduce Stigma Against Fat People” | The Conversation

  • “This suggested language change is based on the idea obesity is a disease to be cured and fat people are not a natural part of the world. This serves to reinforce stigma, rather than prevent it.”

“The Cure for ‘Cellulite’—Delete It From the Lexicon” | Irish Examiner

  • “The word ‘cellulite’ was understood as ‘cellulitis’, a painful bacterial infection of the skin that is characterised by inflammation. It wouldn’t become a beauty ‘problem’ until the 1920s and 1930s when French magazines Marie Claire and Votre Beauté started to write about it as they reworked the idea of the perfect woman in the inter-war years.”

“11 Offensive Phrases You Didn’t Realize Are Fat Shaming” | The Body Is Not an Apology

  • When encouragement discourages
  • Using fat as an insult, criticism, or synonym for ugly
  • Stereotypes

“Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong” | Highline

  • The hard-wired and misinformed bias against fat people
  • The trauma from interacting with the medical system and with everyone else
  • Fat activism and self-empowerment

“If You Compliment People at Work, Use This Rule” | Lifehacker

“Is It OK to Call Someone Fat?” | Salon

  • A reevaluation of the word fat by someone who writes about body image and fat-shaming
  • How avoidance of the word fat can be fatphobic and its reclamation by activists
  • Opinions on whether the word fat is factual or degrading
  • Usage recommendation

“Little People Advocates Push to Change ‘Midget’ Hockey Name” | CBC

“Reclaiming the ‘F’ Word: It’s for the Children” | The Huffington Post

  • Not wanting the word fat to be taboo or judgmental
  • Promoting a healthy body image and relationship to the word fat
  • Examples of other neutral descriptors used as insults

“What Can Happen when We Use the Word ‘Fat’?” | The Huffington Post

  • The effect of fat comments and anti-fat attitudes on self and others
  • The problem with complimenting people on losing weight
  • Drawing a parallel with using skin color as a slur

“What Is Dwarfism?” | POV

  • The history of dwarf, midget, and little person
  • How some people with dwarfism consider midget the M-word, others think little people is derogatory, and dwarf is making a comeback

“Why This Magazine Is Ditching the ‘Body Shaming’ Language” | Los Angeles Times

  • “It was reader feedback that prompted [Women’s Health Editor in Chief Amy Keller Laird] to drop such phrases as ‘bikini body’ and the ‘drop two sizes’ type of language from its cover.”

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