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How to Find a Gender-Affirming Doctor | Rewire.News

“An affirming provider should have inclusive gender options” on the intake form.

Disability Representation in Children’s Books Has a Long Way to Go | Bitch Media

“When we publish so few children’s books with disabled main characters, we don’t offer young readers the opportunity to see themselves in the books they read, or encourage them to empathize with disabled people.”

Survey Finds 25% of LGBTQ+ Youth Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns | Them

“The best way to confirm a person’s pronouns is by asking or by introducing yourself with your pronouns, to give the person an opportunity to share theirs.” —“Pronouns Usage Among LGBTQ Youth,” Trevor Project survey

Nextdoor CEO Says It’s “Our Fault” Moderators Deleted Black Lives Matter Posts | The Verge

“Nextdoor says it’s starting a campaign to recruit more Black moderators, and will offer unconscious bias training to all current leads…The company says it will also improve the app’s AI systems to more accurately identify explicit racism and ‘coded racist content.’”

Black and White: When Should We Capitalize? | Right Touch Editing

A handy roundup from Right Touch Editing.

Why “White” Should Be Capitalized, Too | The Washington Post

“The capital W stresses ‘White’ as a powerful racial category whose privileges should be embedded in its definition.”

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The Perils of “People of Color” | The New Yorker

“‘People of color,’ by grouping all non-whites in the United States, if not the world, fails to capture the disproportionate per-capita harm to Blacks at the hands of the state.”

The Dictionary Definition of Racism Has to Change | The Atlantic

“Dictionaries can lag behind societal developments, and the idea that a ‘word’ indisputably ‘means’ what dictionaries say is simply sloppy.”

This One Letter in a Textbook Could Change How Millions of Kids Learn About Race | CNN

“Many educators and experts agreed that the use of a capitalized Black in textbooks only works if teachers explain its importance.”

Real-Estate Reckoning on “Master Bedrooms” as a Racist Term Took Place After Years of Discussion—Yet Many Home Builders Dropped the Term Years Ago | MarketWatch

“Some people’s objections to the phrase don’t stem from concerns about its racial implications. One definition of the word master is a male head of household, according to Merriam-Webster.”

How to Understand Donald Trump’s Incendiary Language—and How to Combat It | Salon

“So what can engaged citizens, civic leaders, journalists and public officials do? First, they need to see the pattern and to name it.”

Good Conflict: The World Is Consumed by Violent Fights and Hostile Disagreements. Sarah Schulman Sees a Way Out of Them. | New York

The central insight in Conflict Is Not Abuse is that “people experiencing the inevitable discomfort of human misunderstanding often overstate the harm that has been done to them…And overstating harm itself can cause harm.”


CSG in the News

Karen Yin, founder of Conscious Style Guide, chats with editor Mark Allen on That Word Chat. They cover Conscious Style Guide and The Conscious Language Newsletter, the Editors of Color Database, kind and respectful language, AP vs. Chicago, children’s books, allyship, well-made T-shirts, and more. Watch now!

Diversity and Inclusion—A Conversation With Conscious Style Guide Creator Karen Yin | Association Media & Publishing

“Gatekeepers are also gate openers, and it’s this power to let through more of the things we want to nurture in this world that makes conscious editing and writing an act of compassion.” Thanks to Melanie Padgett Powers and Association Media & Publishing for this interview with Conscious Style Guide founder Karen Yin about inclusive language, style guides, and going beyond diversity.

124 Non-White Speakers You Need at Your Next Journalism Event to Avoid “Whanels” |

“Talking about diversity is good. Including these speakers’ voices and expertise at your conference shows attendees you actually mean it.”

Writing With an Antiracist Lens | Big Duck

“Use words that honor humanity and power.”


From the Archives

When Bias-Free Language Excludes | Conscious Style Guide

“Biased terms can be used to direct attention to a community, like Black Lives Matter. When the dominant narrative presents a partial view, we need biased language to promote visibility of the parts that have been pushed aside.”


In Case You Missed It

Ethnicity, Race + Nationality: Resources

The latest addition to Conscious Style Guide‘s Ethnicity, Race + Nationality section is The National Association of Hispanic Journalists’s Cultural Competence Handbook. “Cultural competence” refers to “the ability to understand, appreciate and interact with people from a broad range of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints with respect.”

The Conscious Language Newsletter: July 2020

Read about racism in children’s classics and sports mascots, Orientalism in food writing, and the linguistic complications of the term BIPOC.

Expand Your Recruitment Channels

The Editors of Color Database, a project of Conscious Style Guide, is a free service that connects employers and recruiters with editors, proofreaders, and sensitivity readers of color in the U.S. and Canada. Also home to the Database of Diverse Databases, now with 70 resources featuring underrepresented communities!

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Conscious Language in Fiction

Follow @consciousstyleguide on Instagram for examples of how context can support sensitive content, with a focus on young-adult books and kidlit.

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