Climate + Environment


Terms include climate emergency or climate crisis vs. climate change, climate science denier or climate denier vs. climate sceptic/skeptic, global heating vs. global warming, greenhouse gas emissions vs. carbon emissions or carbon dioxide emissions, wildlife vs. biodiversity, fish populations vs. fish stocks.

“Perhaps the media’s most damaging climate-change error has been to cover a science story as if it were a politics story.”

“The theme for the media should be, ‘Don’t focus on the category, focus on the impact.’”—Marshall Shepherd, director, University of Georgia’s atmospheric sciences program

“What phrases we use to describe the phenomenon (‘climate change’ versus ‘global warming’; ‘climate crisis’ or ‘climate emergency’) may not be nearly as important as how we build the narrative around them.”

Using plain English for terms like carbon footprint, circular economy, climate adaptation, environmental justice, just transition, geoengineering, net-zero, offset, resilience, and sustainable.