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Network and Cable News Largely Ignore Wave of Anti-Asian Violence | Media Matters for America

“Continuing to ignore the surge in violence against Asians…further otherizes people of Asian descent and exposes vulnerable Asians and Asian Americans to hate, discrimination, and violence.”

Several Major Media Outlets Failed to Quote Trans People in Reports on Repeal of Trans Military Ban | Media Matters for America

“This lacking coverage follows a pattern of major media outlets ignoring, undercovering, or even disrespectfully writing about issues that affect trans people, such as anti-trans violence.”

With a New President Sworn In, Should Journalists Now Ignore Trump? | Poynter

“When journalists find themselves considering a story about [Donald] Trump or his family, consider what instigated the events that seem to merit coverage…The bar should be particularly high for news instigated by Trump himself.”

Elliot Page: What the Media Got Right | Ms. Magazine

“It’s really important that we listen to trans people about how to report on trans issues and tell trans stories.” —Oliver-Ash Kleine, founding member, Trans Journalists Association

Covering Multicultural Education: 7 Tips for Journalists | Journalist’s Resource

Tip: “Explain the differences between ‘brave spaces’ and ‘safe spaces.’”

Biden Wants to Remove This Controversial Word From US Laws | CNN

“[President Joe Biden’s] proposed bill, if passed, would remove the word ‘alien’ from US immigration laws, replacing it with the term ‘noncitizen.’”


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Why Parents Should Reconsider Framing Kids as “Naughty” or “Nice” | Motherly

“Remind your child regularly that your love is unconditional and what that means.”

Meena Harris Has a Response to Everyone Who Called Her Aunt Kamala “Too Ambitious” | Oprah Magazine

“Meena [Harris] believes it’s so important to teach girls to reclaim, reframe, and redefine words like ambitious—as well as bossy, competitive, persistent, assertive, and loud—starting at a young age.”

Federal Court Strikes Down California’s Ban on “Offensive” License Plates | Techdirt

“Certain letter combinations can still be banned, but they’ll be banned for everyone, not just those reviewers subjectively believe are aiming to offend.”

Hiring Managers, Here Are 4 Useful Tips to Create More Inclusive Job Descriptions | Forbes

“One example is, listing ‘English as a first language’ as a requirement when ‘must be fluent in English’ would suffice.”

Is It Ever Okay for Bisexual People to Use Homophobic Slurs? | Vice

“Are bisexual people verbally abused at all…? The answer is, yes, and with homophobic slurs. This is an argument for allowing bisexuals to reclaim slurs.” —Dr. Bianca Cepollaro, language philosopher

Microaggressions in Editing | ACES: The Society for Editing

“All of these examples can change the intended message of the copy and lead to distrust by the writer.”

 CSG in the News

Bias Free Language | Mythcreants

Thanks to Mythcreants podcast and copyeditor Ariel Anderson for mentioning Conscious Style Guide as a favorite resource for keeping up with evolving language!

Self-Help: A Guide to Reflexive Pronouns | CIEP Blog

In this helpful guide to reflexive pronouns, Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading – CIEP editor Cathy Tingle introduces “themself” into a text and finds that it looks better and seems clearer.

From the Archives

An American Nowhere | Conscious Style Guide

“How can I be ‘Americanized’ if I was born here?”

In Case You Missed It

The Conscious Language Newsletter: January 2021

Gender-neutral language in the rules document for the U.S. House, why “taxpayer money” is not the same as “government funds,” how the language we use when we talk about substance use matters, and more.

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