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How I—a Jewish Writer—Approach Sensitivity Reads for Authors Who Write Jewish Characters | Conscious Style Guide

“When something an author writes doesn’t ring true, feasible, or authentic to the reader, the reader may end up questioning what else the author got wrong.”

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Descriptions of Asian Olympians’ Bodies Are Part of Trend of Dehumanizing Asians in U.S. | NBC News

“Experts say that when the media focuses on Asian American Olympians’ bodies, it erases the existence and excellence of their athleticism and makes it seem like their talent is simply innate and not the result of years of training and dedication.”

What’s Tribal Sovereignty and What Does It Mean for Native Americans? | The Journalist’s Resource

“Tribal sovereignty, often viewed as a legal term, sits at the center of almost every issue affecting tribal nations existing within the United States’ geographical borders.” Here’s an introduction to tribal sovereignty, including tips for journalists and additional resources.

Where Are the Arab Authors in Kidlit? | We Need Diverse Books

“The problem is that, for decades, Arab Americans have not been counted. On the US Census and on applications, we are asked to check the boxes for White or Caucasian.”

This Moth’s Name Is a Slur. Scientists Won’t Use It Anymore. | The New York Times

“The move by the Entomological Society is the first time the group has removed a common name from an insect on the grounds that it is offensive to a community of people, according to representatives from the society.”

Language Around Mental Health—Like Gender, Race and Sexuality—Needs Reconsideration | Poynter

“In addition to fostering academic discussions of language, [Kaitlyn] Jakola, The Trace’s managing editor, offered a simple solution: Create and enforce style guides.”

Stop Calling Food “Exotic” | The Washington Post

“It’s not so much about replacing ‘exotic’ with another word…It’s about reframing your worldview.”


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What Happened When I Stopped Using Emojis | UX Collective

A look at emoji design to minimize harmful use and connotations as well as cross-platform differences.

YouTube Examines How Creators Greet Their Audiences | ABC News

“YouTubers in other countries fare better when it comes to using gender-inclusive greetings.”

The Importance of Inclusive Language and Design in Tech | Forbes

“Being inclusive is also not just about doing the right thing; it is about making smart business decisions. The more inclusive you are, the broader you make your addressable market.”

FAA Committee Recommends Shifting to Gender-Neutral Language | The Washington Post

“Simply changing the language won’t ensure the diverse workforce, but not changing the language will certainly give the impression that a diverse workforce is not what they’re going for.” —Christine Mallinson, professor, University of Maryland at Baltimore County

Birth Is Not “Natural” and Pregnancy Is Not Just for “Goddesses” | Scary Mommy

“The people who seek guidance from birth workers, friends, and family need and deserve to hear inclusive and affirming language.”

How to Find a Therapist That Focuses on LGBTQ+ Mental Health | HuffPost

“If your therapist seems awkward when using contemporary terms like queer, pansexual, or non-binary, you’ll know that they haven’t taken the time to become steeped in the subject.” —Adam D. Blum, founder, Gay Therapy Center

 CSG in the News

Inclusive Language: An Author’s Guide (With Examples) | Reedsy

“When referring to ethnicity, race, and/or nationality, it’s important not to conflate the three.”

Ed. Talks: How to Speak Copy Editor | The Children’s Book Council

An Ed. Talks panel takes an in-depth look into the copy editor’s daily responsibilities and processes.

From the Archives

When Bisexual People Marry | Conscious Style Guide

“Sexual orientation does not change based on partnership; when a bisexual woman marries another woman, she doesn’t become a lesbian, even if the other woman is a lesbian.”

In Case You Missed It

The Conscious Language Newsletter: June 2021

Why The Associated Press no longer names suspects in minor crime stories, why a major cricket franchise uses gender-neutral terminology, and why some organizations and governments have retired the word “homeless.”

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