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    “An Alternative to Pink & Blue: Colors for Gender Data” | Chartable

    The Atlantic Tried to Artistically Show Gender Dysphoria on Its Cover. Instead It Damaged the Trust of Transgender Readers. | Poynter

    “By Failing to Represent Diversity in CGIs, We Are Normalising Whiteness and Othering Everything Else” | Dezeen

    “Challenging Visual Stereotypes of Masculinity” | The New York Times

    “Colorism in High Fashion” | The Pudding

    • “There are [Vogue] covers with black women and covers with dark-skinned women. But when we really look, it’s easy to see that the majority of the black women are light-skinned and the majority of dark-skinned women are actually a single person.”

    “Companies Are on the Hook If Their Hiring Algorithms Are Biased” | Quartz

    “Designing Forms for Gender Diversity and Inclusion” | UX Collective

    “Don’t Just Add ‘Other’: How to Make Employment Forms Inclusive” | HR Dive

    “‘Foreign’ Lands Are Not Foreign in a Globalized World—and It Is Time International News Media Realized This” | Nieman Reports

    • “When news cameras document foreign tragedy, it is argued that these kinds of ‘unsettling’ images should be shown precisely because they harness the horror, but pictures documenting American bodies are actually condemned for being disturbing.” —Jessica M. Fishman, in Death Makes the News

    “The (Frustrating) User Experience of Defining Your Own Ethnicity” | Medium

    • Accommodating diverse labels and offering inclusive options

    “Google AI Will No Longer Use Gender Labels Like ‘Woman’ or ‘Man’ on Images of People to Avoid Bias” | Business Insider

    • “Google said it had made the change because it was not possible to infer someone’s gender solely from their appearance.”

    “How Maps in the Media Make Us More Negative About Migrants” | The Correspondent

    “How to De-Objectify Women in Comics: A Guide” | Heroic Girls

    “In India’s ‘Rape Capital,’ Designers Change How People Picture Assault” | Columbia Journalism Review

    “Kellogg’s Apologizes for Lone Brown Corn Pop on Cereal Box” | The Washington Post

    “A Lesson in Illustrating Wheelchairs From Someone Who Uses One” | The Mary Sue

    The Long Battle Against Racism and Sexism in Emoji” | Daily Beast

    “A Medical Student Couldn’t Find How Symptoms Look on Darker Skin. He Decided to Publish a Book About It.” | The Washington Post

    “Nestle India Yanks KitKats Featuring Indian Gods After Consumers Call Them Disrespectful | Fortune

    “Newsrooms Rethink a Crime Reporting Staple: The Mugshot” | The Marshall Project

    “No Scales, No Bones: Demanding Better Representation of Eating Disorders” | Bitch Media

    • “I can’t repost sensationalized pictures of thin, white women hovering over bathroom scales…because they reinforce harmful myths about eating disorders.”

    “Passive, Poor and White? What People Keep Getting Wrong About Appalachia” | Economic Hardship Reporting Project

    “Sexual Harassment Poster From Japanese Government Draws Criticism for Seemingly Taking Men’s Side” | JapanToday

    “There’s No Wisdom in Crowd Photos” | Columbia Journalism Review

    • “Different cameras and shot angles can give very different impressions of how close people are to one another.”

    “When News Orgs Turn to Stock Imagery: An Ethics Q & A With Mark E. Johnson” | Center for Journalism Ethics

    “Why Black, Not Blue?”: Redefining the Color Black in Children’s Picture Books” | Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards

    “Why Does ‘Yellow Filter’ Keep Popping Up in American Movies?” | Matador Network

    • “Yellow filter goes hand in hand with films that depict mostly negative stereotypes about living in the country in question, all while centering the journey of a white hero.”

    “Why We Need More Photographers and Photo Editors of Color” | Photo District News

    “Why You Should Learn This Design Principle” | Lifehacker

    • “The heart of design isn’t making something look good or feel innovative, but to consider the experience of the end recipient.”
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