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“An Alternative to Pink & Blue: Colors for Gender Data” | Chartable

“By Failing to Represent Diversity in CGIs, We Are Normalising Whiteness and Othering Everything Else” | Dezeen

“Challenging Visual Stereotypes of Masculinity” | The New York Times

“Companies Are on the Hook If Their Hiring Algorithms Are Biased” | Quartz

“Designing Forms for Gender Diversity and Inclusion” | UX Collective

“The (Frustrating) User Experience of Defining Your Own Ethnicity” | Medium

  • Accommodating diverse labels and offering inclusive options

“How To De-Objectify Women in Comics: A Guide” | Heroic Girls

“In India’s ‘Rape Capital,’ Designers Change How People Picture Assault” | Columbia Journalism Review

“Kellogg’s Apologizes for Lone Brown Corn Pop on Cereal Box” | The Washington Post

“No Scales, No Bones: Demanding Better Representation of Eating Disorders” | Bitch Media

  • “I can’t repost sensationalized pictures of thin, white women hovering over bathroom scales…because they reinforce harmful myths about eating disorders.”

“Passive, Poor and White? What People Keep Getting Wrong About Appalachia” | Economic Hardship Reporting Project

“Sexual Harassment Poster From Japanese Government Draws Criticism for Seemingly Taking Men’s Side” | JapanToday

“Why We Need More Photographers and Photo Editors of Color” | Photo District News

“Why You Should Learn This Design Principle” | Lifehacker

  • “The heart of design isn’t making something look good or feel innovative, but to consider the experience of the end recipient.”


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