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“Do We Need to End the ‘War’ on Cancer?” | The Guardian

  • Battle, beat, enemy, fight, survivor

“Here’s How to Respectfully Talk about HIV” | Mic

  • The problem with full-blown AIDS
  • People living with HIV vs. HIV-positive people
  • Why activities and groups of people are not high-risk
  • Reasons for avoiding the terms unsafe sex or unprotected sex

“How Editors Can Save Lives by Taking Special Care When Reporting on Suicide” | Press Gazette

  • The increase in suicides after news reports and depictions of suicide
  • Being conscious of inadvertently teaching through excessive detail
  • The research showing that people vulnerable to details are also open to suggestions to get help

“How We Label People with Mental Illness Influences Tolerance Toward Them” | Medical News Today

  • Mentally ill vs. people with mental illness
  • How language choice is not simply “political correctness”
  • The research findings published in The Journal of Counseling & Development

“Sanism and the Language of Mental Illness” | Iva Cheung

  • The need for mainstream terminology to describe discrimination against people with mental illness
  • Sanism vs. mentalism
  • Comparison of sanism with other forms of institutionalized discrimination and stigmas, such as Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and racism

“The Trouble With American Views of Female Genital Cutting” | The Society Pages

“Mutilation is, perhaps by definition, the opposite of healing and of what physicians are called to do. Defining [female genital cutting] this way allows, and even demands, that we wholly condemn the practices, take a zero tolerance stance, and refuse to entertain any other point of view. Paradoxically, this has been devastating for efforts to reduce genital cutting.”

“Why ‘Substance Abuse’ Is a Label We Should All Reject” | Pacific Standard

  • Person with substance use disorder vs. substance abuser


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