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“Allies and Microaggressions” | Inside Higher Ed

  • How to respond to microaggressions with microresistance

“Campaign Urges AP Stylebook to Replace Use of ‘Prostitute’ with ‘Sex Worker'” | N.Y. Daily News

  • Sex worker vs. prostitute

“The Case Against Banning Offensive Words” | The Atlantic

“‘Childless’ or ‘Childfree’: The Difference Matters | RH Reality Check

  • Childfree vs. childless

“Dads Caring for Their Kids: It’s Parenting, Not Babysitting” | The Atlantic

  • Parenting vs. babysitting

“5 Words and Phrases That Can Transform Your Work Life” | Fast Company

  • Disempowering language in everyday speech

“How—and Why—to Reclaim Your Slurs” | Wear Your Voice

  • Slur reclamation as a radical act
  • Understanding who can reclaim

“Is a Cow a ‘Who’ or a ‘Which’?” | The New York Times

  • She/he/who vs. it/that/which

“On the Value of Empathy, Not Othering” | Scientific American

“Our Son’s Father Is a Donor, Not a Dad” | Scary Mommy

  • Donor vs. dad

“Repossession: Reclaimed Slurs and Lexicography” | Harmless Drudgery

  • The power of words to denigrate a group of people
  • The riskiness of slur reclamation
  • The impossibility of adequately capturing a slur’s usage in a dictionary

“Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ if You Want to Say Thank You: A Seriously Insightful Cartoon” | Bright Side

  • On transforming attitude and intention

“There Are Words Scholars Should No Longer Use to Describe Slavery and the Civil War” | History News Network

  • Labor camps vs. plantations
  • Enslavers vs. slave-owners
  • United States troops vs. Union troops

“27 Alternatives to Asking ‘Is This Okay?'” | Asking for What You Want

  • Asking specific questions

“The Ultimate Guide to Saying No to Things You Don’t Want to Do” | Fast Company

  • On declining requests from coworkers, bosses, and friends

“Why We Say ‘Car Accident,’ and Why We Need to Stop” | CityLab

  • Crash vs. accident


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