June 2016 Newsletter

When “Coming Out” Puts People in the Closet: The problem with using language shrouded in assumptions.

April 2016 Newsletter

Conscious Language on the Move: The demand for inclusive language is there, and it’s time we gave more room to these issues.

February 2016 Newsletter

Breaking Up With Words: I suspect that a twinge of grief underlies certain shifts in language, for inclusive language in particular.

January 2016 Newsletter

Calibrating Terminology: Why should people who have been hurt by language be forced to use the same language?

September 2015 Newsletter

Editors and Pet Peeves: What do I think of pet peeves? Read my Q&A with to find out.

August 2015 Newsletter

What Is Conscious Language, Anyway?: The most important part of conscious language is the conscious part—our intention.

July 2015 Newsletter

Appreciation for the Spotlight: Part of our mission is to spotlight those who help bring the conversation about conscious language to the forefront.

June 2015 Newsletter

A Retreat for LGBTQ Writers: By always using gendered pronouns, we make biological sex matter when it doesn’t.

May 2015 Newsletter

Editing Goes Global: Through conscious engagement with language, we can build bridges from one idea to the next and bring everyone along.

April 2015 Newsletter

The Othering & Belonging Conference: “When we focus on the most vulnerable, we get it right for everybody.”—Angela Glover Blackwell, founder/CEO of PolicyLink

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