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Covering College Student Homelessness and Food Insecurity: 7 Tips From Sara Goldrick-Rab | Journalist’s Resource

“The vast majority of college students don’t fit the image promoted by pop culture: someone who just finished high school, attends a four-year institution, has no children and lives on campus. Don’t perpetuate that stereotype.”

Parents Reinforce Class Stigma in These 8 Subtle Ways | Romper

“Avoid using phrases like ‘real job’ or ‘honest living,’ because all you’re doing is perpetuating discriminatory ideas about labor.”

What We’re Getting Wrong About Gifted Education | Education Week

“Treating giftedness as an in-born trait that can be identified by test scores has resulted in severe underrepresentation of high-potential children from low-income families and students of color in gifted education programs.”

Does Latinx Mark the Spot for a Gender-Neutral Spanish Language? | The New School Free Press

From “Latin@” to “Latinx” to “Latine,” a look at the complexities of creating and adopting inclusive language.

Changes to Safe Haven Baby Boxes Will Address Concern Over Language Barrier | WTHR

“All the information on the baby box is printed in English.”

No Justification for Anti-Semitic Language | InsideSources

“Why is anti-Semitism not considered the same as racism?”


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Who Gave You the Right to Tell That Story? | Vulture

“The first step in writing the other is, I try to shed as much of my own language as possible.” —Monique Truong, author of “The Sweetest Fruits”

Writing Your Disability or Chronic Illness | The Open Notebook

“The decision to write your body’s story should not be taken lightly.” Science writer and educator Kate Horowitz offers insights and questions for writers to consider before writing about their disabilities.

Is “Modern Love” Only for White Women? | Zora

“Excluding us, demonizing us, hypersexualizing us in these narratives doesn’t simply make us sad—it has devastating consequences on our physical and mental health, our financial burdens, and our risk of violence.”

Reducing the Weight of Your Words | University Affairs

Editor and mental-health researcher Iva Cheung: “You can take steps to minimize its extraneous cognitive load by making your writing clear and easy to understand.”

Only a Lynching Is a Lynching | Teaching Tolerance

“Trivializing an act so violent reduces the humanity of those who truly suffered at the hands of lynch mobs.”

5 Ways to Make the Office More Welcoming for People of All Gender Identities | NPR

“Do your own research. It’s OK to have questions, but rather than ask a colleague to educate you, start by doing your homework.”

How Pronoun Policies Can Help HR Referee When Gender and Religion Clash | HR Dive

“Employers looking to implement a policy about pronoun use may want to opt for language that specifies ‘respect.’”

CSG in the News

Why Inclusive Language Is So Important | The Writing Cooperative

Thanks to The Writing Cooperative for including Conscious Style Guide as a resource for inclusive language!

From the Archives

The False Divide Between “Well Educated” and “Less Educated” | Conscious Style Guide

When imprecise language confuses, conflates, and excludes.

In Case You Missed It

Are All Grandmothers Amazing Cooks? | Conscious Style Guide

“In a media landscape where we’re becoming more and more mindful of not falling back on stereotypes, why do we let this particular sweeping generalization slide past without commentary, time and time again?”

October 2019 Newsletter

Read about the changing language of the criminal justice system, the abortion debate, climate conversations, body size, and more.

Tools for Diversifying Your Staff and Sources

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