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“Can We Save Endangered Languages? Can We Save Endangered Languages?” 71 (October 28, 2022) | “What Happens Next?” | podcast

“Cakewalk,” “No Can Do,” and Other Harmful Language We Must Stop Using | NBCU Academy, October 6, 2022

Language Around Mental Health—Like Gender, Race and Sexuality—Needs Reconsideration | Poynter, June 24, 2021

AAJA Commends The New York Times’ Decision to Drop the Hyphen in “Asian American” | Asian American Journalists Association, June 2021

Words Matter: Copyediting as a Process for (or Against) Social Change | Poets & Writers, May/June 2021

Writing Like You’re Woke: There’s a Guide for That | ForbesWomen, October 2020

Diversity and Inclusion—A Conversation With Conscious Style Guide Creator Karen Yin | Association Media & Publishing, July 2020

Episode 9: Karen Yin | That Word Chat, June 2020

“Unarmed Black Man” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means | NPR, May 2020

How to Use & Promote Inclusive Language at Your Organization | Hubspot, January 2020

How to Do Diverse and Inclusive Content Marketing That Matters | Content Marketing Institute, January 2020

15 Ways To Make Your Ad Campaigns More Authentically Diverse | Forbes, August 2019

More Than Words: How Journalists Can Reassess Their Unconscious Biases |, May 2019

Conscious Style Guide: The Case for Capitalizing Black and White In Context of Racial Identity | Conscious Company Media, April 2019

Changing the Conversation, One Word at a Time: How Professional Organizations Are Pushing for Changes in the AP Stylebook—and Beyond | Center for Journalism Ethics, March 2019

The Top 10 Tools for Journalism in 2018 (and 10 Other Things to Bookmark) | Poynter, December 2018

Edit Like a Boss: Cool Tools Help You Master the Trade | Quill (Society of Professional Journalists), December 2018

Google’s New Dataset Search Is a Game-Changer, Plus 10 Tools for Investigative Journalism | Poynter, September 2018

Because Words Matter: Feminist Editors Share How They Make Their Style Guides Less Oppressive | Everyday Feminism, June 2018

We’ve Updated Our Guidelines on Race and Ethnicity to Better Reflect Our Philosophy of Inclusivity: No More Hyphens to Denote Dual Heritage | BuzzFeed Style Guide, March 2018

Hidden Bias in LanguageTracking Changes, fall 2017

The Impact of Words Is Felt Beyond eLearning | Learning Solutions, September 2017

Conscious Style Guide Founder Karen Yin Wins Robinson Prize | ACES: The Society for Editing, March 2017

Why We Should Examine Our Culinary Vocabulary | Lucky Peach, February 2017; republished on Conscious Style Guide, March 29, 2018

The Conscious Style Guide: How to Talk About People With Inclusive and Tactful Language | The Zapier Blog, October 2016

18F Style Guide Pushes Clear, Accessible Writing for Web | Federal Times, July 2015

Conscious Style Guide Highlights Inclusive Language | Copyediting, March 2015

Creating a “Conscious Style Guide” | Tracking Changes, spring 2015

Press Releases

Press Release: Henry Fuhrmann

Press Release: Henry Fuhrmann

May 16, 2017: Conscious Style Guide Appoints Henry Fuhrmann, Former Chair of Los Angeles Times’ Standards and Practices Committee, to Advisory Council

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