Note: The information in these resources might be outdated.

“Conscious Editing: The Compassion Manifesto” by Karen Yin (PDF) | EdsGuild 2017

Slides from Karen Yin’s keynote speech for EdsGuild 2017 (Red Pencil 6). More: Storify.

“Is This Racist? How Editors Can Identify Hidden Bias in Language” (PDF) | ACES 2017

Slides from the “Is This Racist?” panel at ACES 2017, with Henry Fuhrmann (moderator), Steve Bien-Aimé, PhD, Karen Yin, and Rick Kenney, PhD.

“AP and Chicago on Sexist Language” | ACES 2016

Karen Yin’s post on her presentation at the “Sexist Creeps: How to Catch and Fix Sexist Language” panel at ACES 2016, which also featured Kory Stamper, Colleen Barry, and Dilane Mitchell.

Resources for Editors When Covering the LGBTQ Community (PDF) | ACES 2015

The handout from the “Language of the LGBT Community” panel at ACES 2015, with Karen Yin, Sarah Grey, Josey Herrera, Brady Jones, and Lauren Klinger.

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